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Filament Donations

This site is mostly powered by filament donations, either from manufacturers directly or fellow hobbyists. This isn't my job (though I do have a lot of fun with it) so I can't afford to bring you all the filaments on the face of the earth... but you can help with that!

If you have a filament that I don't, I want to make it easy for you to get that filament to me so that we can get it in the library. Here's the important part before we get to the details:

There are a lot of plastics that I have on hand but might not be on the site yet -- take a look at the inventory to make sure what you have is new to the library! If you have any questions, give me a shout!

Supplies Needed

You can use something else to hold the filament if you'd like; the important part is that the labels you print out in the next part stay with the proper coils. Little baggies are tried and tested, so that's what I recommend.


Gather your filaments

Start by printing out this page. Print and cut out as many of the little cards as you need; one for each sample, please. Cut a 1-2 meter length from each filament, fill out one of the cards, and drop it inside a sandwich bag. Don't worry about writing your name on each card -- as long as at least one card has the information then it will be fine. I'll use this to credit you on the site, so write whatever you'd like to appear; a screen name, first name + last initial, full name; whatever you're comfortable with.

I can take almost any kind of filament that isn't a super-high-temp exotic:






At the moment, I can only accept 1.75mm filament. If you have 3mm filament and a 3mm printer, please reach out through email. If whatever types / sizes you have aren't among those listed, please send me an email to make sure that I can print it.

Prepare to ship

Most flat-rate packaging (or whatever is designed for small, mostly flat things) will work for shipping filament. If you're in the US, the USPS has Priority Mail Flat-Rate padded envelopes that work well. Stick your filament bags in there and address it as follows:

Joe Kaufeld
1701 E. Edgewood Ave #17247
Indianapolis, IN 46217

If you can, please let me know that you're planning to send things my way. It helps in both the planning department (watching out for packages) and also allows me to confirm that whatever samples you have aren't already in the pipeline so that we don't accidentally get duplicates. Shoot me an email so we can collaborate!

Ship that sucker!

Drop your package in the mail (hopefully after letting me know that it's coming) and I'll get your filaments indexed as soon as I can. Because this is a hobby, the current queue is roughly a month or two... but they will get added! Feel free to follow up and make sure that I've received them.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for considering donating to the library. The more colors we add, the more useful this site is to everyone. Most of the colors I have are only easily available in the U.S., so I definitely want to hear from you if you live elsewhere!

Cheers and happy printing!